Behold the overwhelming cute Kite has made:

And Thalar concept in progress:

Sadly no page today, couldn’t even complete the concept. Once we’ve returned to the office we both felt very sick, most likely from having eaten out. By the time we started feeling better it was late night. Also, this:

Massive 27 inches cintiq arrived. It took some time to setup and will take some more time! As this one doesn’t have integrated legs. As to why i’ve upgraded from the 24HD model which was already big: Heat. The old cintiq is making a lot of heat. In summer sometime it can become unbearable to draw on it as it feel like it’s burning my arm. While the new tablet is using LED which should keep that issue under control. When it come to the work tool you use everyday, all day, it got to be something good.


One Response to Chiri is too cute

  1. smokehammer says:

    Awe man, that Chiri, she’s up there with Hello Kitty so now I … I want to eat her. You know, like a cake decoration.