I’ve fallen back on all the group events lately but i think its time to give it another go. If you check our discords servers, i’ll be launching group up efforts across several games and the art jam. This time though i’ll be asking for people to register before the events are launched. There’s no theme or date for the art jam, it’ll be whatever those who register wants. As for the games , its ff14, hero of the storm, overwatch and starcraft. The live roleplay is also an ongoing thing but i may push it to be right after our art is done on friday. There’s right now way too many commissions needing to be done.

And Zuhur! One sharen cameo down, 4 more to go. Right now the schedule look like this:
Friday is Sekhriat
Saturday is B’s page. Which will also need monday and tuesday.
Wednesday to friday is Thrair, Thalar and ratatoskr concepts.
saturday next week is Sharkmaid
Monday following the waes and kel chibi
Then magical chiri chan. Ending with the queen o butts commission on that last saturday. Only then can i do the snowman monk and the sailormoon commission which mean they end up on early august. Busy busy busy.


4 Responses to Fluffy sharen princeling

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    Zala’ess’ timid self comes out with her sons, most of all Zuhur lol

  2. Ree Fireparrot says:

    No rush on the Blatant Sailor Moon Ripoff character. :)

  3. LordPanther14 says:

    O.o Someone is getting a Sharkmaid?

    I continue to be impressed by her popularity