Today was a first attempt at doing an art jam during a week day on twitch. Sadly it did not work out, as only a few artists could participate in the challenge. If we are to do an artjam again it’ll have to be back to saturday and with more approachable topics, likely one randomized live to make sure as many artists as possible can hope for their challenge to come up.
Here are the participants result:
Personaly i gave up on Spine midway to do a quick job in aftereffect:



Sygdom: (Must click to start the animation)

And Kite:

She spent the evening on it too, and sadly because the challenge was to learn spine and we don’t have a license it meant we couldn’t same the project. Technically this particular topic was for Kite to try this software, in the end i think we’ll both be going for aftereffect. Especially now that we’ve found mods for it that bring in bone rigging.
Thank you to all those who came and gave the challenge a try! Tomorrow is the roleplay session on twitch.


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