Today was the most quiet saturday stream of the year. Were you all out there celebrating canada day? Yes even you europeans.

Magical chiri chan 14 is up!

Today’s 15 minutes challenge was “butt wiggle” for which i made the mistake of trying to use live2d in the last 6 minute.






Sygdom’s masterpiece:


For ptitbaff:

For tsukiko:

For I forgets!:

Bonus Kuso from Sygdom! Her first dt piece, thanks!


4 Responses to Wiggle

  1. Moatl says:

    No one did a Kiel butt wiggle? Really?

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      I mentioned Kiel in Chat, so I guess everybody decided NOT to do that one (including me!) |P And I believe Ssapdra’s giveaway was for Eucep, Ssap is the master of freck…er, sparkles ^^ omg Sygdom’s wiggle butt Cthulhu is mesmerizing o_O rolling save vs insanity…HA TOO LATE, NYAHAHAAA! %)- Great job all, Happy Canada Day and Happy upcoming Independence Day everybody! o/

    • Kern says:

      Kiel butt needs more than 15 minutes to be perfected.

  2. Sha'kaas says:

    Keil’s butt had its moment of glory in Felde doing dubstep.

    I intended to get my Collingwood whisky and do a toast yesterday, but I had a bad state of the blues. So a late O Canada and God Save the Queen.

    Now I find the best way to get a butt to wiggle is to put on Whitesnake’s “Don’t Break my Heart Again” and my butt starts having a mind of its own.