Quick aftereffect practice using an old artwork. Yes i see the glitches. I had about 30 minutes to work out something fast at the end of the day. My aftereffect trial is about to expire…

Concept art for Magicskyshark of his Nid.

Twitch is now allowing us 3 emotes, here is the first proposal from Kite. If people like it you can expect it on our twitch channel once its approved by the service.


4 Responses to wiggles

  1. LordPanther14 says:

    What a cute slime and I approve of Kite’s proposal.

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    I also approve of Kite’s idea.

    Interesting Nid character there – very cool design. I also believe she is listed as a commoner, which is pretty interesting – the Nids seemed fairly aristocratic before.

  3. IkaikaKekai says:

    Yay Derpy Khaless!

  4. MagicSkyshark says:

    junglefowl26, giggles ;)