I’ve tried after effect for the first time to animate Chi running after an easter egg(Last year FF14 event) that goes with the papaya music. After effect let me export video and animation of any size which is a huge plus. And it has a shit ton more features than live2d, at the cost of simplicity. Learning this will be much more of a challenge, onewe intend to take this summer. We’ll be trying other new software too , piskel for kite, and soundboard for me. The later will allow the streams to have sound effect on prompt. I swear i’ll try not to abuse it(too much).

I’m not sure what’s the next animation. Perhaps something non chibi? Taking a regular artwork then modify it to have something ongoing.

Also ssapdra sent her giveaway for B.


2 Responses to after effect

  1. smokehammer says:

    The loop doesnt perfectly sync at the end so theres a skip which stops it from making her look as though she’s endlessly running after the egg. I cant actually look at it frame by frame even in the pauseable one so I cant say exactly how to fix it, but usually you’d do it with one transition frame between the first frame and the last(making sure you include the first frame at the end – you end up with no skip by dupe framing the whole thing{other than the first and last} then speeding up the pace)

    • Kern says:

      The first frame is the last frame. What you see as a “skip” is just me badly animating the in between. I made this way more complicated than it should’ve been as i am still deeply in the learning phase of this software. A simple 1 second walk cycle turned into a 12 seconds cycle where things get unsync in the middle.