It was our first saturday stream opening of the voice chat channel to any creative wanting to jump in. I think that aspect of the art jam was a good thing to add to the event. If its something that gather interest and a topic catch our attention we’ll bring back the regular art jam. As it stands the giveaway at the end of the stream almost became an art exchange with so many artists offering to do a piece.

Commission for Lordpanther. No animation progress today but i’m happy enough with the piece’s result.

Monk was today’s theme. Winning idea was catgirl but it was done so often we chose to roll again to get zenyatta. Let say the cat girl part still phased in:














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Adira to mowser

Darkvolt to Vlashrod

Kite to Luu

Macabre to adira

Otakubri to hfar

Ssapdra giveaway to Iay will be done tomorrow.

Bonus piece from Adira that she drew on friday stream but i forgot to post up:

The ship had to be done…


3 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Sailor Venus? Sailor Lupus? Sailor Lupelove? Whichever way, she’s lovely! Ave benefactor LordPanther for yet another fine and cute commission! *offers hugs and scritches*

    Equally cute is the cow-girl giveaway. Can the world have too many bovinettes with such big horns? I think not. >;=)>

    Kau and Whateverhisnameis – pressed together by the force of a thousand shonen-ai fans’ squees. Those fans aren’t going to stop squeeing until you part, guys… so you’d better get used to one another! Or hope that an even cuter couple emerges, causing the squees t to be directed elsewhere. >:=)>

  2. Moatl says:

    Just a hint with a wooden mallet to save magical girl Chiri-chan? ;P