Thursday is kite’s birthday and as part of her bday gift she is getting the day off. Wheter i do a filler or a smaller page by myself is yet to be determined. Might depend on wheter we get wednesday night’s page up in time.

Concept art in progress for Thalar.

Commission for Thrair of his dog.

Parody version of this week page by Basileus!


One Response to dog

  1. junglefowl26 says:


    Ah, Sasi looks quite different. Almost looks even more like Kalki now.
    ‘Hates superiors” – can’t be many of them, seeing as she was left in charge of Felde while Snad was gone. Looking at the art – is that the engineer Nid, or Shinae? If the latter, her career has really taken off fast. (or maybe Sasi got demoted?)
    Also there is a little kid in the concept art – the same baby she was holding last time? Did Kalki and Sasi have a little Jaal baby, or was the baby from somewhere else?

    Amazing skywhale comic Basil!