Saturday stream aftermath was Busy because it did indeed take more than 1 hour to animate this!

My next level practice for animation using Lordpanther’s commission as a base. Total work time was about 7 hours, twice what it would take to do this a still version of it:
Mostly due to all the prep work for all the layer. No overlay, no multiply, no saturation layer on top of everything, not even the use of a pain bucket most of the time as each part to be animated need to be their own things. I’m sure i’ll get faster with time! that said, everyone reaction to Vaelia’s animation was a boost to keep going.

Today’s art challenge was “Aura selling icecream at a stand”
SO yeah Kiel selling poopcream:







For tallsharis:

Luna for sygdom:
Darkvolt for hovertank:


4 Responses to animating everything

  1. smokehammer says:

    Who knew Ariel was sassier than Kiel? O.O

  2. Doom Chinchilla says:

    Ariel has done a good job! Reward her with kisses, Chiri’Miqo’te!