Kite and Darkvolt will be doing a 3D modeling workshop on saturday’s stream. I’Ll be doing Lordpanther’s commission then animate it. Lunareth will be joining us and while i don’t know what she’ll do, it’ll be sexy.

Farex’s nid is done. Though it’s a character from the Jaal daydream story from years ago:

One slave to serves the nid cameos.
Also Kite did this animation experiment earlier this week. To be left forever unfinished , left forever craving for souls.


4 Responses to Nid slave

  1. Moatl says:

    Nice, her hand is fixed. As far as I remember, in Daydream she was a once a Val, but made a slave later, and she was approx. the same age as Asira.
    »Sadly« she has a dress, now. :)

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    omg dat lizard XD I wonder if Kite will make it 3D ^^ And it’s nice to see the lower classes represented with a cameo too, Eria looks adorable :3

  3. Doom Chinchilla says:

    Oh, no, Eria!! Please, Ariel save her!

    Sakkara too, but that’s a less pressing issue… Sakkare seems to be better treated than Eria…