It was time to move away from the fat cat and go with something harder. I chose one of Kite’s chibi page with Vaelia in it that seemed like it’d be simple to do. In the end i may have put too much motion on the body though it was educative to try to distort the body in giving it a left to right motion. Next time should be better. The other new technique is what i did with the text poping in and out which is a second animation overlaping the first. Next? animating my own art i guess. Lordpanther’s chibies on saturday with Kiel and Ariel holding up their prize and announcing proudly what it is should be okay.
As to the time something like the above took : about two hours. The setting up and learning is the most time consuming of all. If i were to setup something like our old netherworld tv with Kiel and have her all modeled ahead of time, producing something by re-using the same characters would be fast.

And the commission for Andromedai is complete. A mass effect turian. For friday’s stream i’ll be tackling the first nid concept art for Farex.


2 Responses to Vaelia

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    Impressive work with Vaelia there, and most adorable.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I second that, the motions are smooth, the torso movement seems natural…she’d be great for an episode of “Overworld TV” ^^