We’ve tried LIVE2d on sunday night for fun. I don’t know yet if we’ll try to push further with it or not,it’ll depend on our next session. For now, here’s my first attempt:

And Kite’s first attempt:

Bounce bounce

The last colonist is done! For Miburo that one. Next are the nids with Farex coming first on friday. There’s 8 of that one with the 6 sharen alliance ones to follow after. Though i expect the nids will takeme the rest of june. That means i’ll be done with all concepts only later in july. There was just so many.

Progress on Vlashrod commission.

Giveaway for Magicskyshark by Kite. THe one she begun saturday.

And we lost electricity this evening. That’ll delay our next page.


4 Responses to Bounce!

  1. Doom Chinchilla says:

    *Watches the “Holy Lances” picture*

    *Watches it again*

    *Watches it yet again, to make sure…*

    Really, Kern, if you need to sleep more, do it, take a rest… Take week-long rest… Whatever you need… Just don’t pull more all-nighters with the help of liters of energy drinks… It is important to take care of you health…

  2. Lement says:

    The bouncing gelkitties are hypnotizing.

    I bid Fame welcome.

    There’s never a time I’m glad to lose power, being how everything how food to work runs on it, but as far as times go within 10 days of summer solstice is one of the better ones.