Busy day, sadly not one with a page update…

Preggy Kiel by Lunareth for Lordpanther.

Nergui for junglefowl is complete which only leave the half inked fame concept!

A lot of new FF14 themed emotes by Kite. She’s very inspired to do them:

Today was our second live roleplay where our brave adventurers fought to defend their dark elf Ass against the cookielord(Kel’s fatter cousin) and his minions. Sadly the beautiful piece of chicken failed to defeat him.

While its fun and the players all want to continues, there’s not enough interest on twitch to pursue livestreaming the event further. Like the FF14 group up and overwatch this will now become one more discord group up event to be done offline. Onward we continue to try to find the right things to do on twitch!


6 Responses to So many emotes

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    Nergui likes all animals, even the highly dangerous kiri’su?

    • junglefowl26 says:

      Yup, she is just so happy that its hugging her here.

      Oh sure, she knows that is how kiri’su hunt and eat, but it is just too cute for her to care.

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    Nergui! It was worth the wait, she turned out even better than I was expecting!

    Having Kiel as a mom…that is going to be either really bad or really great. I am not sure which one.

    Truly that sandwich is blessed. All hail the holy sandwich! *founds the order of the swandwich*