Prepare for an onslaught of cute!
Kite’s two new cat slime emote:

But she did not stand alone. Maca and I went had a tongue out duel:

Vierra Zyzy for Lunareth by Kite:

And hey it was Ssapdra birthday! So Dutan cake love right there:

As well as Pariel’s concept art :

Leaving 2 to complete this week.
Now if we can only get today’s page up before we go sleep and i’ll call that a productive day.


7 Responses to Emotes everywhere

  1. Pariel says:

    No regrets. BEER FOR THE BEER GOD.

  2. Finski says:

    Who is she, sitting top of drunkard Brorn cameo?

  3. Hfar says:

    I was told to prepare for an onslaught of cute. I was not prepared!

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Happy cat! Joyous cat! Mad tongue! Ice tongue! Evil tongue! Purple bun! Iced bun! Drunken Brorn! …and is Brorn trying to say “Fight me!” to that rather large dragon…? Otherwise the mind doth boggle!