Back to semi-normal? Not fully, still have one heavy work day to deal with. And likely a big one as we have a rendez vous out there plus the progress i made on the last private commission was rejected. So a lot to catch up on!
Today we decided to do an art stream regardless of said private commission as it seem people were more interested to watch us doodle than the offered games. The idea to play games on stream is to lessen the workload in the day but streaming takes energy regardless. Good thing we switched for today was productive.

In progress for Hfar

In progress for Khora.

New emote for the discord.

Commission for Guilty.

And darkvolt made a panda Sara with a turtle Baliir:

Kick ass.


2 Responses to Buff panda

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    ooo, nice concept sketches (Macha has that sadistic look that Rafal’za was rockin’), and GC’s ffxiv commish is cute! ^^ holy crap, that buff panda Sara looks absolutely delicious (she looks like she could take Shinae on, shouts and all), and turtle Baliir looks devastating, good job!

  2. Khora2150 says:

    Macha is Tsuris’s charachter, I am only sponsoring it. :)

    From here.