It was Lunareth’s birthday, the great provider of queen o butts. And for this i drew her sith Zyrna:

Tiny death star candle.

Plus Lordpanther’s monthly commissions drafts were made:

He chose both first options. The Nishi on the beach will be streamed wednesday afternoon. The second will have to be drawn thursday off stream. Not sure what to do for the coloring friday considering i can’t work on it on stream due to the NSFW nature. Saturday is our next art jam after all so that time slot is taken. Monday to wednesday next week will all be taken by private commissions. Only after this big rush will i be able to do the remaining concept arts for the colonists. Busy busy!


5 Responses to A sith birthday

  1. Hfar says:

    Happy B-day to Luna! May her reign continue to be merciful!

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    Happy birthday Luna! May it be blessed with many butts!

  3. Metzger says:

    LAte Happy Birthday Luna! I hope you had a good one!

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Happy Birthday, O Mighty Buttmeisterin! And happy pretty dragon-eyed sith! I have some more nice mental images to send to you (don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this going, but here goes…)!

    Ash’waren invites Chiri and Ana to try her new giant chocolate diving pudding. (That’s a pudding you can dive into rather than a pudding that can dive! >:=)

    Baef the dragon wriggles happily on his back as Sorn’mal exfoliates and exsquamates his belly-hide with a stiff wire brush and heavy scraper, and Nona polishes his horns.

    Down on the sea bottom, Oysterhid (Anahid as an oyster as in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland) opens her shell and presents Flounder’drielle (Valla’drielle as a flatfish propped up with her walking stick) with her leaving present – a beautiful hand-made pearl.

    In the Kyorl fortress’s most secure stable, Cinnamon lies on her bed of hay, dreaming of chasing down flocks of winged, low-flying cakes and buns, while handler Sati’vah and stable boy Tab’irrie doze happily next to her, safe from the prying hands of rapacious Val ladies.

    Tar’shay, wearing a melon-skin bikini, reclines on a bed of (medium to gigantic-sized) melons (and one Fat BlobCat pretending to be a melon).

    Anahid hands down her own brand of forgiveness to Valla’drielle and Snadhya’rune, having them transformed into cats and confined to a catnip reserve.

    Ash’waren returns from the slave market, having spotted and purchased Xy’tin’s stolen children as a single lot, and hands them over to Xy’tin and Ba’dal for orientation, excusing them from other duties for the next few days.

    Spiders in her hair, Octobear plays six-handed pattycake with a little drider girl, while Mel’arnach and the mother drider look on.

    Waes’soloth finds that babysitting for Kiel and Nau is much easier than expected, especially as Little Turtle finds her bosom so good to doze against.

    Enjoy!!!! *hug*