Yeah we’ll be missing another update this week. I keep hoping but something keep getting in the way. Kite needs to recover and will resume coloring tuesday morning. Thanks for your patience. *grovel*

New twitch frame for our storytime experiment. Those side characters can be replace if we choose to change the story time to another game. For now though our 25 minutes experiment involved a lot of buff naked dudes in FF14. Also tentacles. Also mushrooms.

Concept art(non cameo) for reefireparrot. A sailormoon original character i believe. No i don’t know anything about the setting.


One Response to bleh

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Hang in there you guys, I hope Kite is feeling better soon o/

    Ah, Bolide is finished ^^ Very tall, slender, and delicate-looking, she reminds me of Leiji Matsumoto’s characters. Nicely done!