We’ve done a rehaul of the twitch page and the bot is being updated with new functions this week!
Kite’s animated portrait for Mowser.

Since today’s stream was supposed to be ff14 and the server are down, i went with one of the ff14 commission on my list:

For Durus.
Khora,you’ve got till tuesday afternoon to get back to me with the review of your concept before i complete it.

And hey someone is doing a chrys cosplay!


One Response to Nyah

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    another Kite blinking-icon masterpiece, lucky Mao ^^ and Durus’ ff14 chara looks so pretty and glamorous, Kern! *o* (the gold trim on the jacket reminds me of some of the Nal’sarkoth that Vergil draws) and holy smokes, that does look a lot like Chrys’ post-timeskip chest plate! o_O I’d love to see someone cosplay her, like B’s outstanding Waes impression ^^