I live! The magical chiri chan page will go up at midnight on daydream. Mau’s D.va picture is complete but wasn’t put online yet. Silver’s giveaway will be completed at a later date and Kite page will go online on monday!
For now though, holy cuteness!
From Silvertea as part of a trade with Kite who did this for her back:
Today was a day for nice fanwork too with Kelnoz from Adira:

And more shots of Waes cosplay from the one B:

Today’s art challenge was “Overwatch merman”, yup it went from mermaid month to this:


HowieL(new artist!):







For sygdom:

For mowser:

For Metzger silver will need some extra time. It was a pharah chibi.

From one stream to another o.o

Today’s challenge is “Mermay” which is mermaids month. I’ll drawing magical chiri chan, kite will be doing miqote, silvertea will be doing more miqote with extra Nya and Mau will be doing overwatch’s D.va Join us for the nyas and stay for the giveaway !


5 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Moatl says:

    I’m reading a world-joke on purpose in Mau’s »High Noon«:
    Mau’s Overwatch-Mermaid has a tail of a shark. And German for shark is »Hai«
    So it’s »Hai Noon« or »shark noon« for me. :)

    • Mau_Acheron says:

      Ohmygod, this is so cool Moatl xD I didn’t know about that, but its PERFECT

      • Moatl says:

        I just did a little research: This word-joke works – more or less – for most Germanic languages except English. :)

  2. Dalvyserran says:

    And then this chiri subsequently got smacked around by the Shadow Queen xD