FF14 group up on mondays will be phased out to be replaced by sessions where we will go through the story and voice act the stuff. Kind of like our cat girl stream back in 2016. The goal is to find the funny parts of the story and joke around with people on twitch. if there is any dungeons in the way then we’ll invite anyone who’s available. As for the group up themselves they’ll be moved to sundays and coordinated by Kite. Thursday will now be art related as well with our first session of Drawful.

Last stream can be summed by that face:

Derpy Bast aura by Kite.

and the serious attempt, animated.
Concept art for Durlyn got completed but theres still one more defender for him to do:

Giveaway for Magicskyshark.


3 Responses to Derpy au-ra

  1. smokehammer says:

    Nobody better mess with Sharky’s chipla’choc’okkies.

  2. Laerei says:

    It’s too bad I live practically half the planet away and can’t play with you guys. I have a wicked cool au-ra myself. I’m not playing currently but plan to return on 20th of may, exactly a month before Stormblood releases to play through the content that has been released since last time I played.