No art from me today for it was writing day for chapter 52. Likely I’ll need a second half day of work to dedicate in order to complete it though with the current workload it may be a challenge to find that time. When lacking time, create it! So i’ll be asking for Kite to paint a few chibi pages once she done coloring the current chapter’s page.
Still, the fact that the flow of events came clearly to mind is a very good sign. I remember many writing session when i would stare at a page for hours removing all nails from my hands. Not this time!
Chapter 52 Current length: 83 pages. A good page count and more concise then *shudder* chapter 50. Nids cameo will surely extend this when its time to include them in the climax battle scene.
And on that topic, there’s a lot of people who are probably wondering about their cameo right now so here’s my report:
All Defenders cameo now have a specific page that they are set to appear. Colonist have their starting pages but most of them are unassigned to a specific scene yet. Researcher and Mimian all have their specific pages. Alliance members are set to appear for a specific scene but what half of them don’t have assignement in said scene yet. Nids? That’s the complicated one as mentioned above. They are set to appear many time through the chapter and will fight, however who appear when and wheter everyone will fight is yet to be determined. 14 nids is a lot of nids. I could fill a bee hive with them. For exemple: Vlashrod’s kid character is unlikely to fight and will appear wherever a kid witnessing something is important or when her mom will need her.
Once the second session of writing is complete its likely all these undetermined roles will be assigned. and bam, a couple pages will appear in that count. Regardless of the cameos, the story remain essentialy the same, thus the 83 pages count of the moment. As to wheter a cameo is already set to have a big key moment; yeah, a couple. There’s always that cameos that just happen to fit somewhere.

Ariel being saved by reka from Soulcode:

Prophecy of what’s to come or ninja’s daydream?!


4 Responses to Chapter 52 writing

  1. smokehammer says:

    Dude, please, please PLEASE tell me the secret of creating time.

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    Sounds cool.

    I had a feeling the Nid would attack, but I am curious to see why they are doing so.

    And since Snad did force her way into the alliance, I do wonder what role the alliance cameos will play…