Alright this week update schedule is a mess. lets try to do aim for something more steady next week. And btw, i’m curently drawing the last page of the chapter. Yes it’s already over. Monday i get on chapter 52 and face the problem that not all defenders have concept arts yet.

A dice rolling bot was installed in the discord.

And we’re twitch affiliates! Woo! Let’s hope we can make our first emote soon. We’ll keep doing special events on twitch in the months to come and it seem so far people enjoy the Use your word mini game at the end.

Saturday 2hPM, we Jam some Art! Everyone is welcome of course. And if you’re new just jump over to our discord where there’s a voice chat for this:
Each hour we’ll have a new style challenge.

Zair concept art was completed.

Kite colored one of Darkvolt’s chi.

Soulcode drew Reka saving her princess once again. Blushing Ariel will be carried away to safety.


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