Yup, late pages. Kite is still coloring the next one and since the last one before that was also late that’ll lead us to miss an update this week…

Concept art for Navian.
And today’s was Darkvolt’s birthday. So we spoiled him on stream with his fluff:

At the end of the stream with did the Use your words game again. Seem like people had fun. because of this we’ll also try Card vs humanity on may the 15th.


5 Responses to Harpies

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Happy Birthday, DarkVolt! \o/ Dove Harpy is cute, is she DV’s OC? :3 Apura’s concept art seems to be missing the usual descriptive texts, like “Fitness Enthusiast” or “Cares For Nature” or some such? I like the details like the cracks in the gem of her brooch/cloak clasp, looks like turquoise. And those end-of-stream games are a lot of fun, wish more people could get to play! ^^

  2. Nori says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday Darkvolt!

    ALSO THE LITTLE HARPIE BABOOP IS SO PRECIOUS AS ALWAYS, SO MUCH FLOOF–great renditions/take on the character Kern and Kite :>!

    ((and Apura’s looking great up there too, the little chibis cracked me up–I’ve also been diggin’ the character in the earlier mega-chapter thus far, so looking forward to seeing them in action once again B>!))

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Columbian harpy is so cute! Don’t fall too far, columbian harpy!

    Oh, and Many Harpy Returns, Darkvolt! >:=)>

    Apura is not the first person this sort of thing has happened to. Many people over the years have been undone by designating unsuited or insufficiently strong things as chin-up bars. I recall a case where a soldier guarding some jet fighters with long, needle-shaped noses decided to do some chin-ups to amuse himself, using one of the noses as a bar. His weight bent the nose downwards. Attempting to cover up what he had done, he grabbed and bent down the noses on all the rest of them so that they matched. Unsurprisingly, the air crews weren’t fooled, and the soldier was court martialled for the damage – well over six figures – that he did that night. >:=P>