Saturday stream will be with Lunareth. Fourth streamer is undetermined at the moment. The stream will end on a session of Use your words with anyone who wish to participate.

Kite’s take on Zuhur for cortez. Look at him, tiny blinking sharen prince for a Dutanvir princess to capture.

Concept art for Guilty is complete.
And Eldritch-cat sketch. A “character” for the discord roleplay. Mainly to poke at ssapdra and Tallsharis.


9 Responses to Long hair

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    Man, if not for the one white eye, I would not have recognized him at all. He is really enjoying his retirement from the royal guard it seems.

  2. MagicSkyshark says:

    I want to be this cat! ;)

  3. Sha'kaas says:

    So how did Sorn’mal and Baef get to the point that they were okay with each other seeing other people/dragons?

  4. Moatl says:

    I didn’t recognize him.
    Jungelfowl26 is right, you could think it’s a different character (no jaw-tatoo, long hair)…

  5. Gunbird says:

    So there’s going to be a RP at the end of the stream?

  6. Ssapdra says:

    Eldrich cat of Universal doom <3 also Sul lady :3 but Tash is flattered to be called Dutan'vir princess XD

  7. smokehammer says:

    Sharess Damn Jaal skin cream. Erases scars and Tats too.