Darkvolt took a screenshot of Minuit with the fat cat plushie during today’s stream. What’s the purpose of this? Cat tax, don’t think about it too much.
Another thing from today’s stream is that we tried domina which pull everyone from the chatroom as fighters. It was hilarious, lets try a serious run at it next week!

Two concepts in progress for today’s stream. not much to see but here it is Cutie, and Guilty.

Comic epilogue from Soulcode for his character Reka. Touch the topic of the sarghress split and it’s a nice tribute to the lil wolf too!


2 Responses to Cat

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    Awesome all around, particularly the Reka comic. Kick their butts, whoo!

  2. Hfar says:

    Reka is a person of few words, but when they speak you better goddess damn listen.