Wouldn’t it be nice if relic hunter 2 would allow it’s players to import their path to power character if they choose the Nal’sarkoth as the faction?  The path to power players know they were offered to join an expedition so it could make a nice crossover.


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  1. Picanet says:

    ……hell. yes. <3

  2. blackshade10 says:

    Interesting idea. ;3

    Somewhat sucks that my Tech wouldn’t be able to do that without switching to warrior. ><

  3. Miburo says:

    I would like that :)
    but I have the same problem as blackshade, the slaves would miss Khanza too much

  4. Jai'byrd says:

    I say go for it, even though many of us have the same problem that BS and Miburo has pointed out. Lua’nar’s a crafter and all she can add to the situation is the ability to draw what she sees. ;) Of course, I could see possibly the healer characters being allowed to go on top of the warriors.

  5. Vilx- says:

    Crossovers are dangerous for story continuity. One story might take the players somewhere where the other does not want them to be.

    For example – as I understand, the RH2 adventures are going to be wave-like. Once an adventure is complete, another takes its place. If a PTP character joins, then he/she would effectively be able to go on several adventures, not only the first one that was tied in with PTP. Or you’ll have to have a PTP-related adventure available all the time, and limit these players to this adventure.

    Another problem – if a PTP player is away on a hunt, he/she should not be able to participate in clan dealings because he/she is simply not there. Doubtfully what the player actually wants.

    I’m not against this idea, it sounds pretty good and expands the universe, but as I said – thread carefully.

  6. Duke Nukem says:

    Logistically, it may be hard to pull off, at least with what’s available now. It would need some kind of coordination system.

    Impossible? No.

  7. Kir'ima says:

    Alternate universe. Make everyone evil, give them a goatee, and send them on their merry way. :p

  8. Durlyn says:

    Well, I can’t speak for my fellow Tei’kaliaths, but I can assure you my character and I would LOVE to become Relic Hunters! I would really enjoy seeing Durlyn working as a merc adventurer, gaining experience and info and who knows what kinds of trinkets he can bring back to the Tei’kaliath clan later after he’s done working for the Nal’Sarkoth. It sounds like a good idea to me Kern, plus it would give the Tei’kaliath players something to do while they are away from home (and give them the chance to develop their characters more)

  9. Durlyn says:

    Plus…Becoming Relic Hunters would give us the chance to use the affinities we Tei’kaliaths never get to use in Path to Power. Durlyn’s has a metal affinity, I’d like to see him be able to demonstrate that in Relic Hunters, (:

  10. Taruna says:

    Yeahhh! I’m in!

  11. Meck says:

    oooo im game. this sounds like fun. will probly have to get the relic hunter sub. again… but what the hell. im game.

  12. Wan'drille says:

    well, that would be interesting

  13. minalia says:

    Would that relic hunt with the ptp character story be in cannon with the main ptp storyline?

  14. Durlyn says:

    I think the Relic Hunter/PTP crossover would be canon as long as only those you’d expect to go on a Nar’salkoth Caravan protection mission are present, namely a mix of warriors and scouts or just warriors (if healers or golem makers joined the caravan then it wouldn’t make much sense)

  15. I’d be interested in this – Ilder’s served me well throughout RH1 but I’ve decided that I’ll be retiring him (or at least giving him a long leave) when “Shadow of the Sharen Tower” finally wraps up. Danikin has a history as a black marketer in the old city and is keen on setting himself up in trade in the new one, so he’d be keen on accompanying the caravan in order to build up his connections.

  16. Finish says:

    Could be a interesting story. However, this would mean the group could be quiet a while away – unless there’s a fix time limit for this RH adventure. Futuremore only our warriors could participath while all other people wouldn’t be able to bring in there character. Unless we find a solution for that it would be quiet unfair to “punish” for choicing the wrong profession.