Smokehammer is right: Kite avatars must be everywhere:

Chigusa, mistress of fat dragons for Dalvyserran. During the next stream i’ll finish Darkvolt’s. Saturday will be a bomb girl commission. Then monday i resume more concept art of which there is so many!


7 Responses to Fat dragon

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    She makes fun of Baef’s bulk a lot, but in reality, Arkeo looks like he put on some pounds!

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Link to full-sized Chigusa (and full-fat dragons).

    Now, would Chigusa be prepared to battle cat-girl!Chiri to prevent squirrel slaughter? And does Baef sit within her definition of acceptable dragon BMI? Would Sorn’mal feel pangs of jealousy if Chigusa checked Baef over, just as Baef feels a surge of jealousy when Chigusa and Sorn’mal are together?? This could make for a very interesting relationship triangle…

    Chigusa: *goes to check Baef over*

    Mass of squirrels: *scamper in, hide behind Baef*

    Chirikitty: *charges in, swinging pole-arm* Death to squirrels! You shall bother Anacat no more!

    Chigusa: *!* *deploys dragons in defensive wall, hangs catnip lures on their horns*

    Sorn’mal (indoors, in easy chair): *polishes battleaxe, rocks cradle with foot* *!* Defensive wall?! BAEF! *exits, axe at ready*


  3. Tsac'Tuo says:

    Wait if Chigusa is daughter of Nishi’kanta, who is sister of Sarv’swati, who is grandmother/great-grandmother of Sorn’mal.
    Doesn’t that mean that Sorn’mal is some kind of nephew or cousin, of Chigusa?
    My Sharess the Sharen went full Sull.