Mau did a very cute animated banner to promote Maid it up. Sadly, the site it was meant for did not support gif animation advertising.

Progress on the magical girl chiri chan page:

To be completed on friday!

Giveaway for Durus, a great selfless guy. This is his ff14 elezen.

Kite finally finished her Tanis and Feros picture:

And the clearly superior pancake version.
The pancakes must flow…


One Response to Pancakes must flow

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    That’s one sweet animated banner (and plugs DD too, can’t go wrong!) ^^ Ooo, can’t wait to see that MGC page finished, looks like Chiri vs D-Worm is coming to a head. (nyahaha :3 ) And is Durus’ elezen Prunali or Drunali? She looks real sharp. (npi) And awww, Kite’s adorable duo in a touching moment (hah, pancake version! XD )