not really NSFW but its daydream themed so up there it goes!

Progress on darkvolt animation:

Today’s 15 minutes challenge is “Cat girl in a box” which Kite kite-mode of course.














Bonus junkrat from Bast. The fact she finally drew something is worth noting!

For Bast:

For Dakla:

For swedishkitsune:

For Junglefowl:

Unfortunately Felix dropped from the stream early on, with Ssapdra jumping in to fill the gap.

On today stream Felix joins to draw the next page of Waes&Kel, Kite will paint some beautiful backgrounds for tuesday’s page, i will be working on a daydream commission for Lordpanther of Diva&pancake and finally darkvolt may join us later! Today’s 15 minutes challenge theme is “Cat girl” and there will be the usual giveaways at the end of the stream.


5 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Chirikitty-in-a-box wins the Goat Prize for cuteness! Are we seeing a Shan’s eye view of her, just before she pounces him? I am now imagining a counterpart Anachat.rar curled up ad compressed in her box with her fluffy tail over her, possibly dozing as she waits for Kahru to find her box and look inside. Now, would Kahru choose to unbox her, or go hunting for parcel tape and an address label? >:=)>

    Quill’yate is, in many ways, a land pirate, so why shouldn’t she wear the gear? I could picture her roving the surface world in her fully-amphibious Steam-Powered Land and Ocean-going Tinkertub, looking for booty to raid. Yes, I stumbled across a Shantae: Half-Genie Hero playthrough on YouTube recently. Now, who among our cast can shapeshift?

    Shant’ariel: *dances* *shifts into avian form* *takes wing*

    Quill’y Boots: *studies character design* I don’t know about being a “Risky Boots”. I only wear sensible boots!

    Rayata: *steps up* If you won’t, I will! :-D

    Ash’waren: *wraps hair in towel* The bath house is open! And you girls, get out there and start posing prettily. Who wants to be the one standing around with this urn balanced on their head?

    Die’tra: Yoink! :-) *checks urn* Hang on… it’s empty! :-(


  2. smokehammer says:

    So many artists are participating in the challenges now. That’s awesome!

  3. Hfar says:

    Dark Volt is pretty fricking good at these animations and I swear you can see him getting better with every week.