Double migraine as it returned today early in the stream wrecking another day of work. Plus Kite wasn’t feeling well either.
lets cross fingers for some luck for saturday’s stream! Which will be with Felix . Maybe Darkvolt will join, maybe Mau. We’ll see. Mau had some troubles with her internet of late.

This is all i could do for the Thera cameo concept art. She is the spider girl from chapter 11 that Hfar sponsored.

I was talking with darkvolt about how to do an animation of Kite’s character, something that was sounding like a real challenge to do. And look at his prototype:

When done by someone with experience, it turn out so simple looking.


6 Responses to Spider girl

  1. Hfar says:

    Yeah, migraines suck butt. Well wishes to you both.

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    Wow, that is one long gone character. Interesting to see her again.

    ….man, all of Mel’s friends are Nids or spiders. Spider-Nid would be her super best friend then, huh?

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    The spider weaver from way back when. Definitely a long time no see !

  4. the14th says:

    Sorry to hear you guys aren’t feeling well.

  5. Metzger says:

    nice seeing that character again, so long ago….
    Hope you and Kite will feel better as soon as possible

  6. Cutie DarkFae says:

    Spider weaver lady is coming back! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *flails happily*

    I hope the headache has a solution, and you get a quest to find it soon.