The Zenyatta reference there is intentional and will have no impact on his actual appearance in the comic:

one more cameo concept done! Next is overwatch actually but after that, i don’t know. Maybe Altesh? but then his concept doesn’t change at all. After its all defenders and colonist for a while.

and giveaway for Sabrith. There was many new people on twitch today and that was one of them. Sadly the stream ended on a migraine coming back. and again sadly, this was a very strong migraine! Medication seemed to have had no effect which led to an evening of work lost. I’m now falling behind on pages so one more reason to not be doing any concepts on thursday.


6 Responses to Jhane

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Once again the Goat of the Greenwoods steps in to rescue those unlinked images from thumbnaily confinement! (Done in two posts to avoid that pesky link-spam mod trap: a-one… )

    Full-size char sheet of Jhane and “friends”.

  2. Thrair says:

    Heh. Maybe. :P

    And good on ya to help out for people, GG. I was a little confused at first, myself. Needed to pull the full res picture. If only I’d seen your links first. Would have saved some hassle. :P

    As an aside, is Jhane’s affinity water, then? Good doc’s not updated with that info, yet.

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    Drink lots of water for those migraines. Have you thought about getting those yellow shades that reduce screen glare? Maybe it will help

    • Kern says:

      i should indeed keep water handy.
      I do have the glases though! i had stopped using them after a while because i still got a migraine with them on. It became “why am i wearing these annoying glasses” kind of thing after that.