Chapter 51 finally begun with the cover! A pretty one with the background created by Starlitdragon. Thank you Starlit. And to Durus for working out the whole streaming thing for us, much appreciated.
On a side note, we’re getting some server technical troubles too. Some error communicating with paypal. Considering some major web site and services have been going down in the last few days, its worrying that so many things are failing together.

Chapter 52 concept art for Sarai is now done. next will be another sharen alliance character.

And giveaway for Navian:


2 Responses to sarai

  1. Sarai says:

    Thanks Kern, apologies if I was a pain last night with the chibi’s. As I said I really love the veil down around her neck, and the contrast of cute and kind features on the close up to stern on the full body is awesome :)

  2. Kern says:

    you did nothing wrong.