That’ll be a complicated one to tally up! On a good note this lead our discord server to pass 200 members.
Mau started with a bang :
She made much progress but when considering the size of the project, it’ll take many more days to complete. If you are to watch any animation on this feed, watch this one.

My animation farts:

Second one i can endure but the two others… well that’s the point of the jam. To try to do new things.

Giveaway for bluetiggy from last week completed.


Giveaway for Beanie:










Adira ambitious animation:

Did all this killed your browser? No? excellent. Next month jam is randomly selected styles!

Today’s the animation art jam! Join us on picarto or on discord to create animations with other artists or to watch and comments about the creative process. Or lack thereareof as we flail for your entertainment. All the results will be posted on the discord #art thread:


9 Responses to animation

  1. smokehammer says:

    Oh yeah, Mau’s is fricken bitchin’! How long did it take her to do that?

  2. swedish_kitsune says:

    that is amazing, Mau <3

  3. suntiger745 says:

    Really interesting watch! The fact that they mostly are pretty basic really gives you a better insight into how they work, which is always something I find fascinating.
    Really impressed with the hair on Darkvlot’s fire mage, and Mau’s and Adira’s more ambitious one.
    I quite like demon blob Naal smacking into the screen and Soulcode’s Reka firing the gun.
    It’s also interesting to see that even with some very basic changes, you can convey quite a lot of motion and/or emotion.

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Some impressive anims there! *3* And congrats on achieving 200 members on Discord \o/