the store had been down for a week and was restored on wednesday when someone pointed out the error 500. This was due to the security system we were using, one that had gone down with the server transfer. Now the unfortunate effect of this is to once again give daydream’s membership another blow. If you have a daydream account, please get in there and submit some votes.

And saturday is the next art jam! To participate you’ll need to be on discord. To just watch the usual picarto chatroom will do just fine.

Commission for Tyler of a voice actress.

Giveaway for nyutek in the style of fire emblem heroes.

Giveaway for mooncrafter:

Old picture of Chi that Kite got around to complete.


One Response to Daydream’s pain

  1. Moatl says:

    The picture of the voice actress reminds me to Ziggy Stardust…