Thank you for your kind words everyone.
Now chapter 50 is truly complete as i’ve just put the last page online. The before last page background was a challenge while the last page was very easy to complete. Thankfully Starlitdragon offered to help with the pages that come after! Saving me from the evil backgrounds of chapter 51. So if you are one of those that look fondly to the old chapters environement, know that the mighty dragon has brought back her mad skill to details the new!
Darkvolt has received his first script too to cover an epilogue for Sara which wasn’t originaly going to get one. These two pages will help giving us a breather as i haven’t been able to draw a – new – page for chapter 51 since friday.

Still, i,ve managed to make progress on work today. Cutie’s commission:

The next commission compositions. once that one is done i’ll be getting down to do some concept arts.

And the giveaway for vlashrod which is a study of the persona 5 art style.


3 Responses to chapter 50 is defeated. The beast is dead, long live the new beast.

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Yay Starlitdragon backgrounds and DarkVolt epilogue page too \o/ And ow, Cutie’s commish looks like she was shot by a laser DX her earlier sketch made me think of Laele-style gems (similar locations). Ooo, I’m liking the persona 5 art style Kern…more solid blacks in the hair and clothes (I really like her collar, it looks pretty, somewhat Marvel/DC comic book style) ^^

  2. Laerei says:

    Congratulations on defeating Chapter 50! Boy, that was tough monster. You and Kite do deserve a breather, so relax for awhile. ^^

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      I second that…260 pages…you passed quite the watermelon, Kern and Kite! \o/ btw this news page’s title is dripping with irony, considering how page 260 ended ; ) Foreshadowing? Naaah… ^^