So you might be wondering “Where’s saturdays pictures?” . As soon as the stream was over Kite asked to go to the hospital. Then monday came, off to the hospital again. Wednesday to come? Hospital. You get the pattern. She need care and its just me over here so i took the weekend off. As for the week to come it will affect the streams and of course the pages . I will complete the last two pages of the chapter by myself then i’ll find someone to partner with to do some chibi fillers in between the chapters until Kite feels better. if you have a cameo and you’re asking yourself “But i just paid for a cameo!” be assured that i’m not sick, and have no plan of disappearing. Kite had no hand in the cameos production. Work will continue , albeit in a slower pace until Kite is better. She could better thursday, or could be taking a long time…

But yes, i left in a hurry. Pictures were left unfinished on screen. Bluetiggy if you read this i need your reference again. Till then your giveaway is left unfinished:

At least i went and wrapped up the star wars commission for gem76!

The 15 minutes challenge was Darth vader vs sand, with sith as the topic:








Giveaways for Distablish:

Then Maca:

And Starlitdragon drew this awesome fight between Shinae and Chrys:


18 Responses to state of things

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah guys, that sucks! Hopefully Kite gets better soon.

  2. Sionyx says:

    Get well soon, Kite! Family and health comes first.

  3. Pitdragon says:

    After my own tests today, I feel ya. Take care both of you!

    And unbeknownst to Vader, he’s worshiped by a tribe of Tuskan Raiders… (see Marvel’s Darth Vader run, epilogue)

  4. Ree Fireparrot says:

    Oh no, I hope Kite will be okay!

  5. junglefowl26 says:

    Best of wishes to Kite, hope she gets well soon. *sends vibes*

  6. Noire says:

    It’s sad to hear that Kite is sick :(
    Hope she gets better soon! Best wishes!

  7. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Kite. Take care you guys, and hang in there Kern o/

  8. Thrair says:

    We’re rooting for ya Kite.

  9. Enferen says:

    Blessings to the Kite. May she have a swift and full recovery from whatever she’s got. And chocolate.

  10. Metzger says:

    Hope Kite gets better soon.

  11. riflow says:

    Hope everything clears up fast and that it isnt serious!

  12. SFI/Bwoman says:

    *give all the get-better-hugs to Kite*

  13. Hfar says:

    Well wishes to you both!

  14. Vilx- says:

    Hugs and well-wishes to Kite and you!

  15. BlueTiggy says:

    Gosh, hope Kite will be well, well wishes to you both! <3

    Here is the ref again for the giveaway, take your time, health should always come first!

  16. Tsukiko says:

    Please take care of both of you, health is the most important so please don’t force yourselves! May all our wishes bring you at least some comfort.

  17. Nori says:

    Hope Kite’s recovery goes smoothly, and try to take it easy on yourselves if you can, wishing you guys the best :c!