Will you look at this, i can post a news update!! Things were so bad lately i just end up giving up trying to post an update yesterday.
So, its up, we’re on a different machine right now with two virtual server doing the load balancing. Thankfully the database is on it’s own now, which was the bottleneck during the last few days. If you notice anything down on the site, let us know, its quite possible we missed a config file update somewhere.
Thanks to the sysadmin martin for his work.
Cuteness from kite to Farex:

Sassiness from me to Adira:

Concept art in progress of Akumu

Star wars commission in progress for gem

And the 2 version of the concept art for Ptitbaff:

Now, about this one. I spent way too much time dealing with it yesterday and that’s not because of the the art itself. Characters are made to fit their role, their design adjusted to fit their social position and clan . But if there is a resistance against these requirement, the character cannot be used for the role. For exemple, this was supposed to be a dutanvir warrior role that help rebuild the ancestral home then moved to help Machike’s resistance. But the owner has a backstory that goes against this. From all i’m told, she should’ve been a nid instead, there she could’ve been the mystery assassin that was asked, mask and all. So cameo owners, if your wishes for the characters bring you doubts about the role you’ve initialy chosen, feel free to contact me to correct it.


6 Responses to Server transition complete!

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Congrats on completing the transition \o/ and thanks again for the Akumu concept in progress, sorry for the trouble

  2. Hfar says:

    Ah, the woes of the drider. Forever having the biggest butts.

    And got it. Keeping an eye out for any weird glitches.

  3. Enferen says:

    Yay for things working again! \o/

    *does the Stuff Works Now dance*

  4. ptitbaff says:

    Glad the server work again !

    Also, about the commission, I’m sorry to have been a bad commissioner , Misunderstanding and late comprehension got me here, Hope I become a good example of what should not be done

    Anyway at least, she look really good and I love her smile (and At the end, that gave me good idea) and this mother look :)

    Can wait to see her in action :)

  5. ZephSunstrider says:

    Apparently, something is broken with the subscription site. Whenever I select the corresponding options to renew my sub, upon clicking the PayPal button it just redirects to a blank site in FF. IE spews out a 500-error about being unable to display the page.