Thanks you everyone, we’ve passed our goal! Everyone who took a concept art will get a bonus avatar from Kite. To see the whole list see this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XH49kMd-ISXEarFaw0DC_nUDaIUsisPYVjKF18j90sQ/edit?usp=sharing
A new force rises to take control where the old powers have faded.

Use the form below to join the events unfolding next int he story . A cameo give your character a support cast or background cast speaking role in chapter 52 and the possibility of being in chapter 51. 51 will focus on an interlude, a peaceful time that’ll take place during the time jump to come, leaving little place for support characters. While 52 will bring back the usual chaos , conflict, and opportunities to trip down staircases. Some cameos will get greater screentime than others. Some could show for a page, some could show for a dozen pages. This is not a factor you can control, it’ll depend on wheter your character can fill a niche in a script you cannot read and so its a matter of luck. But, having a concept art will greatly increase your chance of having a relevent character as this allow me to study your character for a solid 5 hours. Nothing better than that to start thinking on where he or she would fit…

The roles available are:
-Machike’s defenders. Mostly sarghress but unique to this arc: you may submit a character from another clan to this faction if the character intended to leave Chel’s problems and his or her former clan. By selecting this path you are locking your character to this faction for the chapters to follow. If you choose a foreign power’s clan. Such as Balvh, Jieyen, Illhardro, Kavahini then a justification need to be provided.
-Colonists. These can be from any colony as long as they are willing to rise arms against a foreign threat (Can be black sun)
-Nids. Feldians and former misfits who found their place under Snadhya.
-Alliance’s warriors. Any clans. Including sarghress.
-Researchers and scholars unnaffiliated with any conflicts.
-Mimians owls

–First, pass an order through paypal. paypal account not required:
Cameo order: (160)

Cameo with concept (220)

Note that there was a price increase of 10$ to cameo and the concept art rebate from taking a cameo is down to 10$ instead of 20$. The workload having increased for both, it felt right to adjust a little.

–Second, fill this character sheet:
-Chosen role: Defenders, Colonist, Alliance, Nids, Researchers, mimian
-Character name:
-Character former clan if any:
-Martial ability (weapon of choice):
-Mana ability (Affinity of choice. Summoning, sealing and golems engineering if chosen will take priority over basic affinity):
-Race :
-Eye color :
-hair color:
-Favorite expression:
-Favorite things to say:
-Favorite activity:
-Quirks , characters flaws and odd behaviors (very important):
-Equipements , armor and clothes references if any, simple description with chosen colors if not:
-Paired with , if any:
-Have a baby, if any:
-Inspiration pictures, if any , that remind you of the character:
-The character’s owner name that you wish to see display in the public database:

–Third, submit it to kern@drowtales.com with as title “Chapter 52 cameo”

If we reach 50 cameos there will be bonus avatar sized pictures done by Kite for those who have a concept art.

-Can we submit an existing character?
a: Yes
-How long before my character appears?
A: Can be two weeks, can be 6 months.
-I may want to change my concept art details later, can i?
A: Yes, you will get a sketch of your concept art to review.
-Can i submit a non drow character.
A: Yes but if you submit the wrong race for the wrong role this will greatly lessen your character presence. A feral as alliance’s warrior is… well… Pretty much a pet.
-Can i just give you my *insert mmo of choice here*’s character screenshot?
A: Only if you take a concept art and can provide your chosen role.
-I’m worried about paypal.
A: We’ve been using it for 16 years, there won’t be any issue. Think of it like any regular payment gateway , while it may try to encourage to register an account, – you don’t have to -.

You can join us on the livestream from 2hPm to 6hPM saturday to ask any questions and getting live inputs on your character being inserted in the our logs


16 Responses to cameo stream (Chapter 52)

  1. Tsac'Tuo says:

    For “alliance‚Äôs warriors” you mean the Sharen alliance plus the remmants of the Chellian clans?
    Like the Belds and a bunch of minor ones.

      • Shoedrinker says:

        Given the state of their mothers (dead and crazy) and their increasing standing in their factions, I’m curious how much will Ariel and Chrys rise in authority during the timeskip and if they will get more followers or allies – both reluctant ones and diehard fans.

        And of course, how many cameos will fill those roles this time :P

  2. Dalvyserran says:

    I have questions about children. Would we need to submit another cameo slot form to add one, for example, the main cameo has a young toddler they are caring for post timeskip

  3. Abyrae says:

    What’s the due date to submit a cameo? Because I might be interested, but I am kind of short on money until my next pay this friday.

  4. Thrair says:

    Looks like Alliance warriors, Owls, and scholars are filled up, then? Just ask because if we’re overfull on Alliance cameos, might be able to swing going to another faction.

  5. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Interesting…3 out of 4 Duters are defenders again (Ullaaah! o/ ), must be in our blood. I see Mal finally settled down, I don’t blame him after what we went through at the Towers siege. It’s good to see that cute medic Varanin and Nad’jine are with Akumu too. Poor Sker, though, I miss the big guy :( I hope Minka will be there too, and hopefully Mikilu will show up ^^

    • junglefowl26 says:

      Wait, is there a cameo list somewhere? I don’t see any.

        • junglefowl26 says:

          Many thanks!

          Interesting group of characters, I look forward to seeing them all.

          Hm. Despite the fact the Sarghress can be alliance, there aren’t any Sargh cameos in the alliance. Wonder if that will affect the Sarghress role in the alliance during the chapter.

          • Basileus_Ioannis says:

            Yeah, funny that, I see one Sul in the Alliance but no Sarghs ^^ I guess Ariel has more pull than the Val-haters thought! And yay Strigg’dae, one of my favorite Kavahini! (love the tattoos on her face) \o/ Altesh is cool too, he’s a fun imperial guard ^^ Now, is the Alliance coming to reinforce Machike from an outside threat? Or are they going to attack the colonists and defenders? 8x