The fifth page of the week is done but we can’t upload it. The sysadmin did a server transition earlier today, but seem like things didn’t transfer to a perfect copy of what they were. All the uploaders won’t work, even this wordpress picture uploader isn’t working right. And most importantly i do not have ftp access to the server to manualy work around the issue. Hopefully martin restore my access once he wake up and before the cameo stream begins.

Commission for Reefireparot. Chiri will be round after this cake.

giveaway for Ssapdra:

Giveaway for Charmigar, a new twitch follower:

Based on the final fantasy festival art panel where they had to draw a chocobo in 2 minutes , hand lifted, with markers. Thus no sketch, no undo, no eraser. It’s harder than it look:
ff14 fan festival challenge

Then we did the fat cat because this is our speciality.


4 Responses to Cake

  1. Moatl says:

    Engineer’s advice No. 1: Don’t touch a running system – aka. don’t remove old trusty FTP from the server…

    Kyorls on chocolate is a synonym for Tik’tikkies on sugar. :P

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    so many cute works (that Fat Cat robot with giant bottle looks sauced ^^ is it somehow related to the Drunk Butter Passing Robot from last weekend?), great job guys! o/

    btw do you know where Chocobos going “KWEH” comes from? an old Japanese TV commercial for Chocoball candy from the late 1980s, featuring the comic duo The Tunnels (aka Neruton) singing the jingle “kue kue kue choko boru” meaning “eat it eat it eat it Chocoball” XD so much for subliminal advertising…and I’m sure you heard that Chocobo were inspired by the Chocoball mascot, a stylized bird in the shape of the chocolate candy with an enormous beak and short stubby legs ^^;

  3. Gunbird says:

    Lets hope that computer trouble gets fixed soon.

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Anahid: I don’t judge you, Chiri. I didn’t last night when you ate an even bigger, even chocolatier cake, and then pounced on Shan while under the influence of the chocolate high, and proceeded to-

    Chirinide: *shoves large slice of chocolate cake into Anahid’s mouth*

    Anahid: *MMMmmf!* *nom nom nom* :-3