Not Snadhya, she’s just sleepy.
I mean the writing for chapter 50! I just wrapped up the last 3 scripts. By saturday I,ll be done with the arts too. Kite will need another week to color everything afterward. So its more than just “Hey that should be the end”, no, its right there, no more pages will be added. Confirmed. Done. Stamped on! That 3 chapters in one madness coming to an end o.o
yeah i repeat myself. Work on something for a full year then we’ll see if you don’t repeat yourself.
Cute married couple from kite:
And cute Chi from me. I was using a screenshot reference, trying to use the 3d model as a, well, model!

As for the commissions, they all need commissioners decision. Reefireparot, Cutie and Gem:




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  1. Enferen says:


  2. Lement says:

    Nice to finalize it!

    And just 3 chapters? Feels more than that.

    I look at the start, and feel like I’m looking like events and memories long g…committed to memory. Asking questions like “where was I then? Where was I on 2016, February 22? ”



    Not the worst year+, all things considered. And Drowtales has constantly been something to look forward to, even while half dreading dentist’s appointments.

    Thanks for the pretty & the cute & the intriguing!