As people like Dalvy noticed when the wiki started sprouting errors, there’s some background changes going on with the servers at the moment. I’ve been informed today that the transition from 2 servers down to 1 server has been ongoing. the site is being transfered to a temporary machine until things are ready to be transfered back to it’s final home. This endeavor is to reduce server cost. Until now the wiki and forum were on their own server, a necessity now long gone.

From Kite to Beanie, a power ranger with kitty smile.
I’ve tried a study of a FF14 screenshot of Chi, kite’s character. The goal was to do exactly like it, but improve on it. Still quite a bit of work to go:
Another study, of another artist’ style. This time a giveaway for Sekriat.
Finaly yet another giveaway(with 6 a week , its bound to happen a lot) for Enf, a demon hunter.


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