Because i was working on the magical chiri page earlier, Kite was left to stream alone today. I hope that everyone who attended got their dose of cute Kite.
Tomorrow is tax day, but, i’ll be able to stream albeit easier stuff. Such as doing Enf’s giveaway then i’ll tackle a picture for fun.

Reminder that this weekend is cameo weekend!

oh and a rock, + 1, for the discord group.


2 Responses to magical girl chiri chan 11

  1. Enferen says:

    Kite nya’d at us some, we were fine. And that emoticon totally rocks! If Nishi manages to find more of those, she will have her own rock group.

  2. Cutie DarkFae says:

    ¬°Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I’ll be at airshow for cameo weekend *cries* And you’re drawing my cameo too ;( Her early years at least *cries*

    What will I do? Who will be her Mother (who said she would be in the discord chat?) Will IceCabbit get to be her toyboy?