Saturday stream will be with Kite, Vergil and Starlitdragon. Kite will be working on monday’s page so if you want a glimpse of what happen next, drop in for a sneak peak of Nishi’s moment.
Commission for Dalvy and Guiltycarrion complete. Next on the list: Magic chiri.
GuiltyVsDalvy Sorm and Chigusa
Kitty for Magiskyshark by Kite
Feros and Chocobo by Kite


6 Responses to Dragon love

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    I like the colors. Ariel definitely looks like a crocodile, there.

    • Dalvyserran says:

      Not Ariel, but rather Arkeo. I don’t know why my phone auto corrected that :/

      …Although, I probably would have named a dragon after myself, since that is my middle name :D

  2. smokehammer says:

    Ah, Baef seems unimpressed by Ark’s bravado XD

    And, Is that another shot of the magic cat shark?