It was a success so we’ll do it again next month. Though i won’t be collecting everyone work to repost here as it’d take forever o_o. Feel free to check #art on our discord for the whole madness… Ostrich with human legs and tiny crown, remember everyone.
All the little Hels people i came up with during the stream:

Helian Demon girl
Helian Phone demon
Helian Octopus girl

Darkvolt’s harpies:

Kite’s cute stuff:
Mau’s fluffy:


And on a personal side I’ve finally made a recording of my arcade:




It’ll start at 2h! Everyone in the art jam voice chat will be heard on stream but for the video, it’ll be Kite, Mau and Darkvolt.
There will be a single character design giveaway at the end.


10 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Thought it was next weekend! Oh well, work work work….

  2. Sekhriat says:

    Buttriches are the most glorious thing to ever be created.

  3. smokehammer says:

    So…there’s a whole race of Khaless-ish peeps in Hel?

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Sweet arcade collection, Kern! \o/ Now all you need is an orange carpet with chewing gum and soda stains, I see you have one pair of shoes in there (a few more pair of sweaty sneakers ought to do it), and cook up some pizza in your oven to simulate the pizza parlor next door ;) Oh and turn off them lights, it’s blinding! XD Seriously bitchin’ consoles, it really shows the love and elbow grease you put into them, thanks for sharing! ^^

    So many awesome Helians, and yeah Buttrich kinda took the cake :D Great art jam, guys! o/