The new art jam begins at 2hPM, if the concept sound fun come right up and join us. For the non artists, i’m sure many of the usual saturday people are hoping for giveaway and stuff. There won’t be a challenge, but i can offer a giveaway where i’ll design your character. Aka, i won’t need references for this one, just your inputs.
As for the chatroom, its made on discord and doesn’t require any ranks to access. But please, keep it clean of chatters that isn’t related to the art jam’s participants. If i find out that outsiders are clogging it with chatters i will have to limit it to people with ranks(creatives and studio members). I don’t want to be exclusionary to any newcomer who are artists and haven’t had a creative rank yet, but its a concern.

As for today’s stream. I made some progress on Whitefluff:
Guilty and Dalvy commission composition. Still waiting on Guilty’s opinion. Dalvy chose the third.
GuiltyDalvy Dragonbout
And the voice actor travis’s compositions. The third one was selected.
voiceactor TravisM

And a snipet of kite’s work of today. The most important fluff:


3 Responses to fluffwork

  1. smokehammer says:

    Did someone get Octobear a kitten? (assumes the white fluff is Octo).

    Also: MOOGLE!

  2. Durlyn says:

    Awwww, Whitefluff is adorable :3