This saturday the 18th will be a character design jam where all the artists in the community are invited to participate in. This will take place on the picarto channel with the support of the discord’s open voice chat. Any artists who wish to design characters with us will be able to jump in while we all work on creating new characters with peer review and inputs.
To participate you need to have access to the discord: DT discord.

I will be working on helians during that stream. Hel is a city in the same universe as Chel, albeit on a different continent and with a drastically different look for the people. you can view the event above as some kind of artist workshop, an excuse for us to work on something new.


2 Responses to Art jam

  1. Katrover says:

    Cool! Are helians drow too?

    • Kern says:

      “kind of”? Drow mean underground elves. They live underground, but the elven part is a lot more blurrier than Chel at this point.