Epic(er) version of Shinae and Chrys fight in progress by Starlitdragon.

And today was our first For honor stream. Beanie took a nice screenshot at the right time for it.
Remember, drowtales’ legend is to pile up bodies in awkward situations.
Using ladders, the most deadly enemies of ancient warriors.
As to wheter we’ll do it again this week depends on people in the community. Overwatch is a weekly event as it bring people around to play together everyweek so if this bring up to 8 players next week for some custom match madness, then we’ll do it again, if not, tuesday goes back to art. Starcraft 2 is still a possibility if we were able to drum up enough players. Or retro gaming races. Or well, any other games i can’t think of that could gather enough interest in the community.


5 Responses to Drowtales is legendary

  1. Enferen says:

    Well if the end part of the For Honor stream is anything to go by, Shinae is going to win the fight in that picture because she has more range with that blade.

  2. smokehammer says:

    Sister vs Sister, Sharen vs Sharen. Sad and awesome at the same time.

  3. Tainted Messiah says:

    @Enferen uhhh well that depends if she swings high Chrys can still go low.. trick is can she get inside if she can that bigger blade becomes useless and her dagger becomes vastly better.

    … and there is the fact that Shinae is kind of holding the sword backwards which might hinder her a bit XD

    But otherwise really nice picture that starlight is working on would like to see it when completed.

    • Enferen says:

      That’s why I mentioned the stream. At the end of it Kern got slaughtered by a foe who had a polearm. After he was dead he got advice on what he could have done, but his opponent’s fighting range did him in for that fight.