Kite did a kick animation for her star wars character:
But i fell to a migraine mid-stream leaving her to hold the fort alone. All i got done before it happened:
Slaveleia Faen
And thank you Soucolde for the the cute page!


2 Responses to Sith farts lightning

  1. GEM76 says:

    Those damn enchiladas XD

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I’ve heard of breaking wind, butt Sith break purple lightning bolts? o_o It looks awesome though, Kite! *\o/* And hope you are feeling better, Kern…the Faen set looks like it just needs a little red for the nosebleeds ^^; And dayum Soul, that strip looks great, good work!
    d (o_<) b Hee…are those Kyorls? And Reka shoehorning Ariel into that present must have been a tall order! XD