Chapter 50 has an END! For Real!!! Right now i have it marked for page 267 which mean i can now say the cameo call is on the 4th march. Even if i add a page or two it’ll still be the 4th’s march. As to which page i’m curently working on : 241. By the time the cameo time happen i will be working on the epilogue.
Kiel Discord
The main piece done on the twitch channel was an announcement for the discord group. All painted up to practice doing something else than chibis in that style. Thanks to the announcement, the new discord group reached 75 members! Let’s get to 100!!
Sygdom Giveaway
Giveaway for Sygdom which she’ll color.
Voice actor Sean
Commission composition for the third voice actors. Pending commissioner’s selection
Fanwork by Soulcode, thank you!
Fanwork by Nicolini of Anahid, beware that purple unicorn.
Kite did her FF14 au-ra couple in a cute pose.
And some ff14 demon cube love for denmo.
Which Luna colored
Luna tweaked the last QOB page to show Noir’s true dream job.


6 Responses to discord

  1. Thrair says:

    First: Holy hypeville, we have a cameo call date.

    Second: Holy shitville, 267 bloody pages? *whistles*

  2. Katrover says:

    Congratulations! You guys deserve a break.

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    btw doing quick math…if we’re on page 235 for Tuesday, and this chapter will have at least 267 pages, at 5 pages a week, that’s gonna run out to the 23rd of March. so we’re doing concurrent cameo call for about 3 weeks?

    great pics, guys! ^^ so Noir wants to make Candy, instead of working under her? XD and I wonder who the Vanir in SoulCode’s pic is?

    • Kern says:

      Nah. Note that when the cameo call happen, i’ll be 7 pages away from the end of the chapter. I need time to start doing the concept art. What is online is not necessarily what i’m working on ; last i checked, i’m 8 pages ahead.