Saturday stream will be done with Darkvolt. The commission i’ll tackle is Faen tackling her wolf in bed, a commission for Lordpanther.
Quaintana has never been sexier! By Mary , for the chinese new year.

Cute and Naughty SWTOR comic by Kite.

The third voice actor commission. I really don’t like the result XD but then, i never have to draw shirtless buff men with gun and sunglasses…
But apparently i can draw robots with gun. My most popular tumblr picture this winter is that Bastion with bird. Go figure, it reached 550.


5 Responses to New year quain

  1. Smokehammer says:

    Ashie’s eyes just fell out and rolled across the universe. XD

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Mario says: Mamma mia, that’sa one verrya Sexia Quain! ^^; Well done, Mary #2, gorgeous colors, outfit and headdress (the stylized wolf tattoo is a nice touch), she looks so pretty! (insert thumbs up emoticon here) ;) The Feros and Tanis cartoon (with VRRR the helper) is adorable! ^^ Took me a moment to figure out what that sound was, hee! And nice butch Rambo-esque dude with assault rifle (in a bygone era, the shades would be mirrored, he’d have a bandanna on his head and a seegar clenched in his teeth, heh!) BIL Nice work, all, see Kern, Kite and DV tomorrow! o/

  3. Metzger says:

    the Main comic Quain wished she could look that good (especially after the whole “faceeating” poison thing) , very nice pic Mary. Love the Details in it!

  4. Mary Regina says:

    Glad you all like it! :D